Saturday, January 19, 2013

Big City Forum: VIVA VOCE

VIVA VOCE – interactive sound and video installation

Katharina Rosenberger / Heiko Kalmbach

JANUARY 22 – 24, 2013
HUMAN RESOURCES, Chinatown, LA | 410 Cottage Home St. |
2pm to 6pm, or by appointment

All events are free

VIVA VOCE celebrates vocal performance art in an interactive and experimental context and through this lens explores voice, body relationships, and the self. In the process, the work investigates the root of oral tradition and its impact on shared information in the virtual versus physical social space. In real-time visitors play and re-compose performance and documentary sequences of three vocal artists—Juliana Snapper (Los Angeles), Shelley Hirsch (New York), and Pamela Z (San Francisco)—by interacting with a 3D sonic sculpture on an iPad. Sung and spoken passages appear synchronized to the visual portrayal of the protagonists on floating screens in the gallery space. By improvising with the iPad interface and triggering text and vocal passages, visitors become not only intimately introduced to the vocalists; they turn into performers themselves.

 Katharina Rosenberger, Composition, Artistic Direction Heiko Kalmbach, Video Michael Schmitz, iPad Design, App Programming Jason Ponce, Multimedia Programming Vance Galloway, Set Design, Technical Direction Joe Kucera, Audio Engineering Nick Drashner, Audio Mastering



Opening and Artist Reception

7PM – 10PM


BIG CITY FORUM Panel Discussion



Big City Forum presents a conversation to explore and expand upon key concerns raised by the installation VIVA VOCE

Featured Panelists:
Micol Hebron, performance/installation artist, faculty Chapman University
Ming-Yuen S Ma, Professor of Media Studies, Pitzer College
Victoria Vesna, Professor of Design | Media Arts, UCLA, Director of the Art | Sci Center

Katharina Rosenberger, composer, Asst. Professor, Music, UC San Diego

Moderated by Nina Eidsheim, Asst. Professor, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Big City Forum is an interdisciplinary project that facilitates the exchange of ideas through gatherings, symposiums, exhibitions, and special events that provide access to forward-thinking creative projects by highlighting the intersections between creativity and public/social space.

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Special thanks to Human Resources, LA, swissnex San Francisco, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Consulate General of Switzerland, LA, Big City Forum, LA and the Goethe Institut Los Angeles for supporting the show and opening events.

VIVA VOCE has been awarded the mediaproject/sitemapping grant of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Berne and is funded in part through the Hellman Foundation Fellowship, San Francisco, the UC San Diego Academic Senate Grant, the Faculty Career Development Program and the UC San Diego Department of Music. 


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