Monday, June 10, 2013

Big City Forum @ LA Design Festival

Brian Roettinger "Dyptich for Saint Laurent"

Big City Forum hosts an interdisciplinary conversation for creative and progressive thinkers during LA Design Festival this year. 

“Independent Publishing and Print Culture in the Public Sphere,” will explore the impact of self initiated and independent publishing in the Los Angeles community.

Panelists include designer, musician, and educator Brian Roettinger, designer and curator Lauren Mackler, and designer, educator Willem Henri Lucas. The conversation will be moderated by LACMA’s Head of Publications Lisa Mark.

Design is intrinsically linked to visual language and through print and publications it dessiminates this language to a broad audience. What are the collisions and intersections between visual language, print culture, and the social sphere? How does print culture and independent publishing generate new platforms for these intersections to be recognized? “Independent Publishing and Print Culture in the Public Sphere” considers collective knowledge, layered histories, and the function of design and art in our community.

Big City Forum for LA Design Festival at The Standard, Downtown on June 19 from 7–9 p.m.

Creator of Hand Held Heart record label and Los Angeles resident BRIAN ROETTINGER never thought his simple phrasing of “Hand Held Heart” could encompass such an enormous round up of music, art and talent. Beginning in 1998, his project Hand Held Heart has grown exponentially since, as has Roettinger’s admirable passion. Supporting fringy death metal albums and makers of experimental noise, Roettinger is no novice to the music scene. A fan of chaotic punk rock himself, Roettinger was the bassist for This Machine Kills, a Southern California hardcore fixture that featured Steve Aoki on vocals. Roettinger now balances a life between work and play, teaching as the art director for the Southern California Institute of Architecture. His imagery is communicative and complicated, both disturbing and accurate, making him a perfect candidate to dissect the function of visual language on a diverse community.

Finding the fanciful in a city of fantasy and recreation, LAUREN MACKLER revels in opportunities for experimentation presented in Los Angeles. She created PUBLIC FICTION (the museum of) in 2010, a proud Los Angeles gallery-gone-publication that refuses to stop “reporting fearlessly on the factual, the fictitious and the imaginary.” Promoting art in all shapes, styles and forms, Mackler has created an exceptional space at 749 Avenue 50, incorporating the daily happenings of Los Angeles into art through exhibitions, shows, music, and more, following every event with a publication of Public Fiction’s journal. Her constant immersion in the avant garde arts world, coupled with her experience as a professor has prepared Mackler for Big City Forum’s discussion over the intersection of community and art culture in Los Angeles today.

WILLEM HENRI LUCAS is the final featured panelist for Big City Forum. His projects translate the connections between media, politics, and relationships in a very abstract way. His extensive amount of projects began in book design. He has posed himself with the artistic challenge of uniting humanity, culture and art. He began this endeavor designing book covers, and from there created installations, posters, and even a mixed tape in print reflecting YouTube video’s of sad love songs. Lucas concentrates on the subjects of war, love and humanity, trying to bring design “back to the streets” and back to community. His intentions as an artist align smoothly with the conversation topics Big City Forum looks forward to creating.

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