Sunday, July 6, 2014

We don’t generalize about a 470 square mile city with 130 zip codes. Los Angeles is a world in and of itself. A situation this diverse is comprised of contradiction so we don’t seek to simplify. We extend an invitation.

Greet your neighbor. Share a meal. Start a conversation. Do what you can. For the past five years, Big City Forum has been committed to actions such as these–initiating collective conversations, open to anyone who appreciates getting in a room together.

Human interaction is on the brink of extinction! Big City Forum advocates direct engagement, appearing in person, speaking truth, taking risks–no matter how large or small. Past, present, future. It’s the doing that matters.

“A tree–the slow explosion of a seed.”
—Bruno Munari

Genuine gestures are apparent, they resonate, word gets out, they gain momentum, movements take hold. But the initial motion has to happen. Our devotion is to the seed, the spark and to the risk.

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