Thursday, September 18, 2014

Big City Forum: Creative Action #4

Eve Fowler, Billboard from it is so, is it so, 2014. The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project: A LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) Exhibition
Big City Forum in conjunction with Otis' Creative Action program presents:

Location, Location, Location: The Decentralization of Art Activity
Shamim M. Momin
Aurora Tang
Asuka Hisa

Tuesday, Sept. 23rd
7:30 pm
Otis Auditorium

Los Angeles is a city often described as having no center. Its art community has turned that "disadvantage" into an advantage and given itself a license for adventure. Organizations, galleries, and artists find decentralization to be an exciting option and they establish their addresses in unexpected neighborhoods and zones in the city and even beyond, in other cities and states. What are the challenges and advantages of this programmatic and conceptual strategy? What are the risks, to organization and audience alike? Is this necessary, and if so, is it sustainable?

Join Shamim M. Momin, Director/Curator/Founder of LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) and Aurora Tang, Managing Director, High Desert Test Sites; Program Manager, The Center for Land Use Interpretation in an open conversation moderated by Asuka Hisa, Director of Education and Public Programs, Santa Monica Museum of Art. This program is part of Big City Forum's series produced in conjunction with the Otis Art Institute's Creative Action program.

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